As part of our #LocalBlackHeroes Campaign, we’ve partnered with a sneaker charity called ReSole, who’s owned and managed by Moosa Nsubuga from South-East, London. To raise and donate over 300 pairs of sneakers and help raise money to help them pay for a RESOLE Van.


Resole CIC Is a community led outreach program that was born out of faith and the strong message of charity that runs through Islam and the Muslim community.

Delivering quality new and used footwear to the most vulnerable in our society including but not limited to the homeless, young people at risk of youth/gang violence, unaccompanied refugee minors and those deemed as the working poor who are having to utilise soup kitchens/food banks to survive.

“Some homeless people we have met are barefoot because they have had their shoes stolen at night while they sleep.”

– Moosa Nsubuga, Founder RESOLE


Resole has a dedicated outreach program two nights a week varying across homeless hotspots in London, a weekly drop off at designated soup kitchens and responding to requests from small and large charities seeking quality footwear for their clients or young people.

Resole work spans across the social and economic spectrum providing footwear to the homeless, care leavers, Unaccompanied minors and also supporting established charities/organisations such as Centre point, Sutton council, Harp Southend, Brixton soup Kitchen, The Whitechapel mission, Thames Outreach and various other initiatives.

During the period of Lockdown Resole distributed over 1300 pairs of shoes across London, Manchester and Birmingham with an estimated retail cost of £130,000 benefiting numerous families and individuals with new footwear, alleviating the strain on statutory partners and service users alike in perilous financial times.


With ever increasing technology and new materials introduced into production of shoes, recycling is becoming a real nightmare. It is estimated that 20 billion pairs of shoes are produced annually, with roughly 300 million pairs ending up in landfills after they have been worn.

Resole believes that educating the community and encouraging the continued donation of unwanted shoes, can contribute to create a more sustainable approach to footwear across the UK, whilst benefiting some of our most vulnerable in the process.


Our aim for this campaign is to help donate over 300 pairs of new or good used condition sneakers to RESOLE for the year 2020.

To donate your sneakers or money, please fill in the form below to provide your contact details. Our outreach team will contact you within the next 10 days to discuss how to arrange a drop off at either a hub or directly to our studios.

Alternatively, if you’d rather support this campaign by purchasing our MBS x RESOLE collaboration, please click here.


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