Our mission as part of the Made Black Foundation is to use our resources within the sneaker community to help individuals, brands and charities that are in need of awareness and support within the UK.

Starting with our families and friends, being part of a community has always been a part of who we are. By harnessing the power of education and awareness, we’re committed to helping various communities to create a better tomorrow, step by step.


Our local black heroes project was inspired from the constant lack in awareness of the people who are safeguarding our communities by providing their resources. The #LocalBlackHeroes project is designed to help us combat that stigma and give the people their flowers while they are still amongst us on earth.


Kickstarting our foundation this month with our #LocalBlackHeroes Campaign which will see us partner with a charity called ReSole, who’s owned and managed by Moosa Nsubuga from south London. Who has been giving away wearable and in good condition sneakers to at-risk teenagers and the homeless, in the UK.

Our goal is to help donate over 300 pairs of sneakers for the year 2020 and raise funds from an Exclusive MBS x Resole sneaker drop that will be used to help the team at RESOLE purchase a van that will help them carry their mission across the UK.