Pocko Gallery proudly presents their first exhibition out of lockdown, titleDreams and Nightmares! 

Dreams and Nightmares is themed around the global anxiety we as a collective human race are experiencing, as we currently struggle to pull out of a global pandemic. This exhibition will feature an exciting mix of 2D and 3D pieces from Marco Oggian, Mike FernandezMade Black Studios and Ana Rod.

There will also be a chance to see the show in person. Please call the Pocko Gallery ahead of time in order to book a slot anytime between 9:30am – 6:30pm (Mon – Fri).

Location: 51A King Henry’s Walk, Mildmay Ward, London N1 4NH

Tel: 02031371860


Our task for this exhibition was to create three pair of sneakers that could represent three different emotions we’ve all faced during the pandemic, which includes Fear, Anger & Anxiety.

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Dreams & Nightmare


Marco is the originator of the monster design collection. We initially approached Marco to work on a collaboration entitled Dreams and Nightmare, to transform his digital art into real-life art. Marco designed multiple art pieces available at the gallery which ranges from a variety of emotions which are Anger, Hate and Fear, which are represented by his monster designs.


Marco was expelled from university in 2010 and following his expulsion, he spent eight years working on over 150 different projects with 300 or more drafts. He spent a lot of time writing and has since been published in over 20 books about design, branding, illustration, typography and photography. During this time he has lived and worked in Venice, Berlin, LA, Spain and across South America. Also, exhibiting in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, London and Seoul. Marco doesn’t have ideal commissions but he loves everything he does, even if it’s not his dream project, because he can learn something more. Marco has just one artistic goal and that is to never stop creating.


3D artist Mike Fernandez was introduced in this project by Marco, to help bring life to this exhibition via the use of augmented reality (AR). Mike’s designs skills achieved beyond what we expected, as he was able to augment the entire gallery with monsters by creating special Instagram filters.

You can access these filters on the Pocko Instagram.

Point the camera, whilst on the filter, on the photographer of the prints below to reveal them!


Miguel A. “Mike” was born in Sevilla in December 1996. He graduated in Industrial Design and Product Development from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and has worked in projects in different areas such as 3D design, animation and art direction. He has exhibited his projects in Milan Design Week and Feria Hábitat Valencia, among others. He focuses his creation on aesthetic innovation and implementation of new technology such as augmented or mixed reality for social media and marketing.


Ana Rod transformed Marco’s monsters into incredible ceramics art pieces, creating a physical and timeless piece of art. Using dreamlike colours alongside the supernatural and ominous shapes and textures, these ceramic sculptures perfectly capture the essence of Dreams and Nightmares.


Ana studied a fashion career and then moved on to work as a head of design and creative director of well-known firms in the retail and consumer goods sector. She decided to make the leap to industrial design, working with different materials (wood, metal, cement, methacrylate). Interspersed with all this, she taught and directed final-year projects at IED Madrid, whilst studying graphic design and creating branding work for different clients. Ana is currently using ceramics to create objects between the functional and the sculptural. She hopes that the audience will view her final pieces with pleasure, similar to what it gives Ana producing